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Topic related vocabulary words for IELTS

Topic related vocabulary words for IELTS


  • Education plays the most crucial role in one's life. In today's world, no one can stand up in this world without education.
  • Education has one of its fundamental goals, imparting culture from generation.
  • Education means 'to draw out', facilitating the realization of self- potential and latent of an individual.
  • It is an application of thoughts and draws on many disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, computer science, linguistics, sociology and anthropology.
  • The education of an individual human begins at birth and continues throughout life.
  • For some, the struggles and triumphs of daily life provide far more instructions than does formal schooling.
  • Family members may have a profound educational effect -though family teaching may function very informally.
  • Schooling occurs when a society or a group or an individual sets up a curriculum to educate people, usually the young.
  • Schooling can become systematic and thorough.
  • The passing of knowledge from generation to generation allows students to grow into useful members of society.
  • A central idea of education typically includes "imparting knowledge".


  • Altered the life of men.
  • Men have provided their superiority over the other beings.
  • Discovered sea and new lands.
  • Earth is round and revolves around the sun.
  • Law of gravitation, electricity and telephone.
  • Has trunk the world.
  • Far of places are well- connected.
  • Aeroplanes, trains, cars, buses and two-wheelers.
  • Saves time, money and energy.

  • Mode of easy working, comfort and recreation.
  • Television, radio, air conditioner, geyser, oven.
  • Launched the spacecraft in the space.
  • Low mortality rate.
  • The rise in life- expectancy.
  • Causes of decades, remedies, cancer, open-heart surgery etcetera.
  • Space satellites to promote communication.
  • Broad weather forecasting, mobile phones, internet, fax, email.
  • Electricity production, an alternative to fossil fuels, radioactivity material to cure diseases.


  • Bane
  • Ignores nature
  • Pollution due to industrialization
  • Destroys vegetation
  • Destructive results of atomic energy

  • Disease and grams
  • Depletion of the ozone layer
  • Flood
  • Rise in temperature
  • Arsenals and weapons


  • Result of technology, education and westernization.
  • Nuclear family from join family
  • Fashion
  • Beliefs and attitudes are modified and adapted
  • Undesirable changes in human relations.
  • Generation gap
  • Pollution
  • Adulteration
  • Corruption 
  • Selfish, egoistic, self- centred, losing moral value and money minded.
  • Forgetting their culture.
  • Individual identity
  • Reduction in diseases
  • Tradition/ modernity side by side cannot survive.
  • Tradition is the foundation of future progress as literature.
  • Scientific progress of the early civilization has helped to attain the modern form.
  • High living standard
  • Time consumption
  • Material comforts


We are living in modern time. We must get to know about our universe. We could explore the space for the betterment of the future. Money spent on space, not a waste. According to my point of view, a good proportion of money has to be invested, on research for the advancement of science and technology. It is a natural human thirst which satisfies with knowledge. Government should be systematic enough to handle or manage the funds in the most appropriate manner both for the advancement in space technology and solving problem for its citizens. Nowadays it is a trend which started in some developed countries like America and Russia and now spreading root in developing countries like India. Men has already shown his victory on the moon and has reached mars also. It is via space exploration only that we came to know that mercury is the hottest planet. It is by investigation of space only that we come to know that mars his cooler than the earth and its soil has shown some of the components of earth elements.






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