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IELTS writing task 2 topics for boost up ideas of speaking and writing


  • NATURE :

Nature is the most precious gift of God to man. It has boundless power and innumerable things to offer man. But man has been using and misusing nature since times immemorial. He has an insatiable thirst to get more and more. Lust to get more and more has made him merciless and inconsiderate. It is beyond doubt that nature has much to satisfy the basic need of man. Nature provides us with fruit and vegetables to fill our belly. It provides us with oxygen to live, tress to provide shelter and timber. It is difficult to count the blessing of nature. We cannot even dream of life without these blessing.
Modern man has become so greedy that he has forgotten life beyond tomorrow. He is devastating nature at a mad race only to satisfy his lust. He is cutting down the forest to construct the concrete jungles which disturb the eco-balance. This uncontrollable greed will lead him to hell and the infernal fire. Nature calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and drought are the results of the greed to loot nature.
It is high time that modern man must rise from his slumber and do something wise. He has to love and preserve the gifts of nature otherwise he has to pay through his nose.


Children are the most valuable gift of god to their parents. Modern parents have only one child or at the most two children. With the disintegration of the joint family system, the focus of the parents is only their children. They have become so prosperous and busy in their daily routine that they are even ready to fulfil almost every need of their children.
It is generally observed that parents are over-enthusiastic as regards the future of their children. They strive to teach their children great values of life. They leave no stone unturned providing them with the best education and all those facilities which can enhance and ensure the best in them.
They have the high hopes that their effort will take them to the enviable height of life. These hopes and dreams act as the spurs in, motivating the child to scale great height of success. But sometimes this over-ambition nature of the parents can prove to be disastrous.
Parents' keen interest in the future of the children has many advantages. There is no doubt about the fact that parents are the best friend, philosophers and guides of their children. They can get a cue from their own and from the experience of others. The concentration on the pros and cons of everything and then draw their own conclusion. They are emotionally and rationally worried about the future of their children.
Youngsters many times are like rudderless boats which need a steering wheel and that can be provided by the parents. Many a time children are crushed under the heavy expectation of their parents. They suffer from depression and commit suicide. Children always work under the thumb impression of their parents. Parents should have a relationship based on trust, understanding and reality. Proper communication between parents and children will help in developing a congenial atmosphere.


Music is the soul of human life. Even since times immemorial music has consoled, encouraged, invigorated and enthralled man. But then the importance of music today is more than ever before. The pace of life is getting faster each bday and due to this, our lives are becoming full of stress. At times these emotional hardships rise to such an extent that one feels the need and urge to say escape from all the mundane realities and bitter relation and move to a heavenly abode to get peace of mind.
Music has a universal language which is not bound by reasons religions, classes or countries. It has the power of raising the spirits of a broken man, igniting the spark of love in the heartless, soothing a troubled heart and spreading the message of brotherhood and humanity.
Music is the part of our life, right from childhood to death. There are songs to celebrate the birth of the child, marriage of the young person and to mourn to the death of a departed soul. In movements of loneliness, music can become one's best friend and soul-mate. Music covers each and every stage and emotions of the human being.
These days the distinction between music and noise is diminishing. Music has become simply a source of earning fast bucks and enhance the quality of music is deteriorating rapidly. Many unwise people play music an alarming volume. This i9s not music, but a source of music and irritation. Music is not simply loud banging of instruments but true music is a life living source that has an indelible impact on man's soul and personality.






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